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Talkn2u presents: Us and the Streets

So in this blog, we’ll be talking about STREETCHILDREN – whatever about them. Our message: Street children are everywhere. We all have experiences with them and some of us might have even been one of them some time ago. But what do we really know about them, their real situation, the conditions their exposed to? Let’s talk about them and see what we can do.

Who do we want to reach? Anybody, everybody. But basically, we’ll be talking to YOU – our fellow, Filipino youth – guys our age, who, more or less, have the same thinking or perspective on the issues we’ll be talking about.

What new angle do we wish to present? Nothing really new. However, we’ll show you other factors that put these children in the streets; not just mere poverty (but poverty is the biggest issue) but the more complicated population and development issues.

What do we want to achieve? First, we want people to realize the sad realities about the street kids. We want our readers to acknowledge that their little acts make impact. At the end of the day, we won’t really dictate on people to do this or that but we’ll at least move them to do something and that is to HELP. Helping does not always necessarily have to mean giving or adopting these children. If we’ll look at the anti-mendicancy law, we’ll see that “not giving” can be helping. If we bring these kids to the DSWD or some child ward, that’s still help. Simply talking about them in this forum and expressing sympathy for them is already one step to helping.

What will be our tools? We’ll be publishing our articles, pictures and videos via twitter (@batangstreet), facebook fanpage (‘Pag batangkalye pulubi agad, ‘di ba pwedeng mag-isip ka muna?), wordpress (Talkn2u presents: Us and the Streets) and youtube (Batangstreetontube).

I’m Jesse from the Trinity University of Asia College of Arts and Sciences. Read, watch or listen to what I have to say every Monday or Thursday.

I’m AJ from the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila College of Mass Communication. Read, watch or listen to me every Tuesday or Friday.

Participate in our Poll question of the week every Wednesday. The result of this poll will be interpreted every Saturday and/or Sunday.

See our conversation / argument / debate about a selected topic every Sunday night!

Once again, we’re talkn2u and we present: Us and the Streets.


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7 Responses to “Talkn2u presents: Us and the Streets”

  1. wewang says:

    poverty is not a curse that will punish you to the ground perhaps it is choice, a decision to be made when a person starts to discover the reality of life. street children’s are not pests of the society until they grasp knowledge of things which are defiled, mostly coming from, ahhm guess? adults, yes adults in street that serves as influences. here in our country we have this saying ” ang ginagawa ng matatanda, ay nagiging tama sa mata ng mga bata.”. so if this street kids becomes cognizant on how to survive life in a very anomalous way, they will be living life as how they see it and when they grow they will become a significant damage to our deteriorating economy..

    Summary of this, is we must awaken the society especially its most basic unit to learn how to mold a person in the nature of its home.

    A home loving person is a country loving being.

    *discussion o home to follow*
    GOD BLESS The Philippines ~ wewang

  2. Tommy de Leon says:

    I believe we need or the government needs to enhance/improve their campaign for education. Kasi, kahit may mga campaign naman na ganyan, di masyado ramdam. Sa dinamidami ng bata sa kalsada, maaring isa dito o lahat sila ay maaring makatulong or balang araw ay isa sa magiging leader o instrumento ng pagbabago sa bansa, sana mapansin o maniwala ang ating pamahalaan at ang buong bansa sa aspetong ito. :)

  3. Jesselyn says:

    Hello there, i agree with you. These children are not pests and are, if i may say, born with a purpose. I just wish someone will somehow do something about them. Hindi ba? Para naman hindi masayang ung buhay nila. :)

  4. Jesselyn says:

    Yes tommy, i believe that the government, of course they have the authority and money, should be doing something about this.

  5. Tommy de Leon says:

    Yup! Actually, this is just “hear/say” gossip but even kids were sent to DSWD, there are still other kids in the department who were bullying other children, causing the bullied kids to go astray to the streets again.

  6. Jesselyn says:

    Thank you, Eduardo!

  7. ycoy says:

    Bakit maraming batang lansangan? kasi walang mga magulang o di kaya kung meron man, abala rin para makakita ng makakain.
    Bakit hirap makahanap ng hanap-buhay? Kasi walang oportunidad o di kaya kung meron man, para lang ito sa nagkaroon ng prebilehiyo o iilan.

    Ang pinakamasaklap na katotohanan, ang mahihirap sa Pilipinas ay nananatiling mahihirap at ang mga nasa ESTADO PODER lalong yumayaman. Nagpapalit lang sila ng MASKARA kada eleksyon. Parang nagkakalabitan, “O, ikaw naman kasi puno na bulsa ko”

    Pagnakarating ka sa ibang bansa lalo mo makukumpara ang lahat ng nakikita mo at napakasakit makaltasan ng buwis lalo na paghindi mo nakikita kung saan napupunta. Dapat sana ang mga buwis na’to ang magtatawid ng serbisyo hanggang sa pinaka-sulok na eskinita.

    Kung mangyayari na ang gobyerno ay para sa maralitang pilipino, walang mga batang lansangan.
    Ang mga bata ay nasa tahanan at nag-eenjoy manonood ng EAT-BULAGA

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