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Hope, Trust and Pixie Dust?


“The sun may set a thousand times but there’s a sparkle of faith within us that the sun will rise again tomorrow.”—Jesselyn


Find your inner self and you will find a part of you full of hope and dreams.

It’s the same thing with the street children, they are hoping…

…that tomorrow they will have something to eat;

…that tomorrow those who does not have parents will find one every day in the ‘being’ of the generous people around them;

…that someday they will have a better life;

…and that somewhere, somehow, someone is thinking of them.



“Loving someone is like crossing a hanging bridge. You will never know if you’re gonna get to the other side together. But still you tried because the one holding your hands is the one that you know you can trust.” –Jesselyn


Every road that they cross has been decided. Street children run around the streets and it seems like the whole world is their playground. Why? Maybe because they trust the ones driving cars, maybe because they trust the Holy One that He won’t let them get hurt, and maybe, just maybe because their instinct is telling them that experiences are the best teachers.



“Pixie dust is what makes Peter Pan and the Lost Boys fly. But life is not a fairytale… the most powerful thing that you can do that no one could ever take away is the power of PRAYER.” – Jesselyn


At night we close our eyes and dream. We dream of being on top of the world – having every luxurious car, mansion and everything that the world can give.

But have you ever thought of what a child, a street child, would dream of?

Well, I think they would dream of having a family to come home to, a shelter to keep them warm at night, a meal that would fill their aching stomachs and most of all the gift of having joy and peace in their hearts.





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2 Responses to “Hope, Trust and Pixie Dust?”

  1. Vyrinx says:

    I wonder why it is always “us” that have the moral obligation to help these street children. It now sounds so unethical, but please listen to my point patiently.

    Going straight to the point, government should have been supporting the street children. Yes, the same point, right? It is now a cliche if you start blaming the government for high poverty rate. But come on, it is true.

    We citizens work hard and pay taxes to keep the country on the go. It is the duty of citizens in all countries. The nation, in response, should try its best to keep the citizens happy. Oh, yes, we can’t make everyone satisfied. Most of the philosophers agree now that government should focus now on satisfying the majority of the population. I guess it is not difficult to see who is the “many” in the idea.

    This is not a new thought — in fact, this is part of a political idea called “social contract”, developed by famous philosophers and economists such as John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. These guys lived in 18th century. This idea has been available to us for almost 300 years now.

    Now, think about it. Where do all our taxes go? Does it go to the national defense? Does it go to the commerce? Maybe, but I wonder whether significant portion of our bloody taxes is being spent on social welfare. We paid taxes to let the nation take care of its citizens, including us. It seems it is not working.

    Now we are paying up again to help these poor guys out. No, not a bad thing, but it is supposed to be the job of the government. The government has to help these people, and basic education must be available for free.

    I guess by now you’re almost irritated to hear me ranting. “If we just continue blaming the government, nothing will change”, you might complain. You’re right, so now I want to suggest something.

    All of us are citizens with the right to vote. That is just the important thing here. If you want change, the change in government, you need to change the officials. How do you do that? Through elections. You don’t do election by looking at the face of the candidates. You look at the personality and what he/she proposes to do.

    Focusing on political issue is also important. Politics is not just pure corruption. While politicians disgust you with corruption, you will be disgusted and will stay far from politics, and that causes corrupt officials to exploit your ignorance to politics. If people are aware of the political issues, and can think about it, corrupt officials will be prosecuted. Government fears revolt, and thoughtful citizens can make revolts.

    Remember that you’re the true owner of your country. Citizens are the true owners of the country. If you want the street children to be fed well and live well, you need to change your country through your effort. Individual effort is not enough. Let people around you be aware of what is happening around you. Government will do what you want it to do only if you exert a group effort. Though it may be an awesome idea to help the street children out, preventing future poverty is more important.

    • Jesselyn says:

      Hello Vyrinx. I do get your point, don’t worry.

      As a matter of fact, a part of me is, of course, blaming the government for the way that they are dealing with these street children. But i just wanna make it clear that this blog is for those who can help and i hope, someone, someday will be able to read this and start something great for the public (especially the street children, of course)

      By the way, thank you for taking your time and sharing what’s on your mind on this blog. I hope a lot of people will be able to read this and come to the realization that we, the people, have the power to change those who have authority over us.

      Thanks again!

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