Why Synergy?


Three young minds with diverse personalities (an energetic student leader who is a freshman Psychology student from University of San Carlos Cebu, the other a junior Masscom student and print journalist from the University of the Philippines Cebu, and the last but not least, a literature junkie from Bacolod) came and accepted their differences to share a common goal.

A bunch of kids (kids by age and kids at heart) born and raised in three different Visayan islands (Negros, Cebu and Ilo-ilo) detail the progress of their advocacies in a personal and humane way in order to promote causes, involve this country’s generation X in today’s pressing social issues and inform everyone that change through youth mobilizations and participation is indeed POSSIBLE. The trio was joined together by Probe Media Foundation’s Social Networth program to tell stories of love(in different forms), whether online or offline, and inspire people to be part of the positive change they want to become (through, of course, love).

Sulong Synergy traces it beginnings with an e – mail from Social Networth organizers, “Since nag back – out na yung mga partners n’yo magka partner na kayong tatlo simula ngayon – Peter Romanillos, Bryan Sotto and Raniel Ponteras.”

Filled with doubt if the partnership was going to work and confusion in mind as to how the three total strangers would gel with each other and create good output without any supplementary information about themselves, hesitation began to take over. Peter almost decided to cancel his trip to the workshop in Ortigas, Pasig as the same with Bryan. Premonitions that we might experience difficulty working together and how we could adapt to our correspondence and build a relationship although it was our first acquaintance as participants in the workshop added to the hesitation. However, instinct lead the way and the suppositions in mind did not impede the three to be advocates of change. Their calling to be informed then use and share that piece of knowledge to aid others proved to be greater than the doubts. In the end, if one lets himself or herself to possibility, everything connects.

The name “Sulong Synergy” came through a wall post, “ Peter posted on Raniel’s wall, “Yo! Dude, we have not decided yet for our blog name. Any suggestions?”

Raniel replied with, “Yo, alam ko ang corny pero what if Sulong Synergy?”

Synergy is defined as two or more things functioning together to produce a result not independently obtainable, from the Greek word “synergia” or working together. Bingo. The word captures the very heart of the action we wanted to take. We are three distinct persons (please see us personally and you would agree to the fact) who want to do something unattainable without help from other young hands.

We envision to be the voice that will set aside boundaries and attach people to social issues and we must get a name that ascertains to our circumstances and bare what we are passionate about. Sulong Synergy was born then and there – “since we all united to share the same goal; that within our diversities we found our unity.”

The world is so small for us not to make alliances. Brotherhood, sisterhood, and comradeship, with love, shows us the real essence of humanity and beauty in itself. SULONG SYNERGY wants to do its share in the construction of our country’s inevitable progress and we will do that by simply telling stories grounded to reality.

This is our story.

Now, what is your story ? Tell us now. Be involved. Join the three of us in this journey towards change.

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