RAFI launches YMA Season 6 and Covenant Signing

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Incorporated ( RAFI ) launches its Young Minds Academy Season 6 with the corresponding theme – URBAN DEVELOPMENT. The said program aimed to develop young individuals to be active and responsible leaders in the society. YMA has already 5 previous seasons – ENVIRONMENT, PUBLIC HEALTH, EDUCATION, GOVERNANCE and POVERTY and SOCIAL WELFARE. It opens young leaders potential in responding to the social issues and needs evidently occurring in the society; adhering to be part of the future progress of our country.

Young Minds Academy ( YMA ) is a youth leadership and citizenship development program of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Incorporated – Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center that molds young people to become responsible and accountable leaders and proactive citizens ready to serve the public and its interests. This is done through awareness raising, experiential education, immersion and open discourse.

The selected scholars underwent proceedings and tests for them to get into the academy. They joined by forming a team of five members under the two given categories:

Generation A: 17 -20 years old
Generation B: 12 – 16 years old

the scholars also comply requirements set by the foundation for personal information and data providing the background of every scholars as well as for the team ( Team Requirements and Individual Requirements).

After passing, all the (chosen) scholars signed a covenant that would ensure their commitment to finish all the sessions conducted in the program and willingness to serve in the different communities assigned into them. The covenant signing contains all the agreements, policies and consequences if and only if one of the scholars would decide to stop from attending the sessions within the period of the training.

Furthermore, Cebu’s youths take the step on towards nation building and mobilizing their innate resources to build a better and empowered society. Acquiring perseverance and determination with great power of minds local development will grow towards the national level and will encourage people to contribute in the future progress of our country. Many times, we can’t choose our circumstances but we can choose how we look and respond to those circumstances – it is how we arrange our minds. In everything that we do depends on the CHOICES we made in life; focus on your area of control it is not impossible for you to make change within yourself and be part in the solution for change. This new set of young leaders who will be the hope of our future has started their journey and has already made their right decisions to be part of nation builders.

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

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