Sulong Synergy (Peter, Bryan and Raniel) aimed to tackle about YOUTH SOCIAL INVOLVEMENT for NATION BUILDING.  We wanted the global youths to be part in the development of our country upholding their corresponding virtues in the midst of diversity. Young leaders must do their part in order for our country to grow and to be globally competitive in the near future. We will tackle social issues and promote advocacy with human feel and present unbiased truth.

Also, we wanted people to be AWARE, to be CRITICAL and be INVOLVED. These three main things will tie us up in promoting socio – economical development for our country.

By this,  AWARENESS – to know what are the current problems occurring in the vast society. Next, CRITICAL – to initiate ideas and solutions to the concerned issues and create projects, programs and etc. so that we could produce better outputs that will resolved to the social problems in our society. Lastly, be INVOLVED – our contribution is a great help to achieve our goal which is to develop our country and ensure the future of our next generations.  We cannot do this without the help of everyone because in the voice of many it  could create a massive unity.

What do we want to achieve ?

Since we are in the same island ( VISAYAS ) we wanted to bring the Visayan experience ( local ) to the upper stream level (national). We wanted to focus in the local development so that when we reached the national level they could see that there are potential areas that needs attention and care for them to grow and develop.

What do we want people to remember ?

Simple, we want them to remember their social obligations and join causes for other people. We must feel and care to the needs of others so that we could establish great connection to one another , alliances that will encourage us to dream and achieve our common goal – to develop PHILIPPINES.

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