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What is Shout! from the Knoll?

Shout! from the Knoll is a blog that lets you voice out your insights and opinion on the very intriguing and rather scandalous topic of population and development. Let your voice be heard about what you think will happen if the country’s population continues to boom — from pollution to employment to hunger to the RH bill, we’ll hear them out, so we can all talk about it!

What’s going on anyway?

Population and development may seem to be a tough and complicated topic to think about, but in reality we’re all involved in it, even in the simplest of ways! Look at some of our articles to find out how the increase of the number of people residing in our planet affects our individual lives. Check out our latest articles and posts below too!

People have started shouting!

Check out some of the responses we’ve had from our fellow Filipinos on what they think is going to happen if the population of the country continues to grow. From children to teens to the employed and to the retired, we have so much to talk about and discuss! See and read their responses, hear them shout and join the conversation!

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