RH Bill – Pay the Price by Nelry Aducal

I have pretty much kept everything to myself ever since my curiosity has made me become an active citizen of my country. I am not saying that I don’t want to interfere in the social issue I am revolving around with because I must be reactive to the issue most especially if the concern is all about my fellow people and to my country as well. Nothing much have been spilled out of my tongue since I didn’t want to get involved with and perhaps that is the best thing to do while I’m on the boundary of nothing worthwhile. The past has always wanted to interfere with the future. Yes! It does. It is always contradicting, passive and somehow rewarding. Nevertheless, the weight of benefits that it brings constantly varies the effect of what could be brought upon to the society. Could that be as simple as the word coming out from the mouth of the person who was trying to clarify the matters happening in the world? Perhaps, it is always the case for them. They’re maybe trying to put an emphasis to the issue which cannot be highly understood. Are we all aware to the hang-issue of RH Bill or most commonly known as Reproductive Health Bill? Are we much conscious to the benefits it may or may not bring to every one? Are we all ready to the consequences if ever RH Bill would be implemented? Why can’t we decide on our own and just take the decision all by the hand of the government? The impact, the happening in our lives is somehow there for a reason. The way you deal with matters affecting yourself will bring upon judgment to others. What can you learn, what you can see from others and what can you see in yourself are the things that matter most for now. But what this issue wants to tackle for everyone? Is it for good or bad? If I were to be asked if where I should put myself to RH Bill whenever someone is asking I would simply say I don’t know. But hey! I’m now older enough to think for a better and most comprehensive decision-making. To tell you the truth I don’t want to be hypocrite about it because it’s really hard to think and decide especially I happened to be a Catholic so it’s a standard that my decision must be based to what the church has decided. Indeed, it is a kind of issue which is so very controversial and contentious to each of us. The reason why it is not yet decided and has been in the process of reviewing and studying is because we are in the catholic country. So, church has a greater responsibility for the people it scopes with. They are highly against because they don’t want to violate the moral law according to the divine teachings and biblical approach which is to live and multiply. Given the fact that they also have a strong stand for this issue is something we can never be moved away. But what will happen to the population of the Philippines if RH Bill is still not yet implemented? I no longer want to prolong my topic all I want is to be straight forward. I am not against to any of those, I am much more into and most affected with the effect of the increasing of population and other matter including social issues. I believe that all of us have the huge responsibility to take care of our decision to make for our future. We should not put the blame to the government whenever we are feeling a scarcity of life. We are responsible enough to make a decision if how many children we would want to have just as long as we have the capacity to raise them well. Think a while first before coming up to decision-making. For all I know is what will benefit to others is for general concern. I am not opposing to the prerogative of the Church but what I am mostly concerned with how this issue can be solved. On how poverty can be lessen, limited resources will be offered conveniently and land spacious for every people.

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