Let’s Summarize What We’ve Learned by Nelry Aducal

They say that everything under the sun is a learning process. We can learn what we don’t know. It’s just a bonus if it’s something in you is innate to ourselves. But there is nothing wrong if we start at know-nothing-at all from a certain point of inquiries. It’s very crucial that we know how to ask and inquire. So that we will know what confusion has invaded us to seek for the answers. Hey! I would just like to share some experiences if you don’t mind that Jianne and I have encountered during our seminar conducted in Palauig, Zambales at La Viola Beach Resort. It was really so far from the city as the travel took so long. If I would estimate it, our adventure took 6 hours going there from Manila to Zambales. So my “kwento” goes like this during our stay in Zambales. It’s an event which is for the Day Care Teachers of different community under the ICES development program. We were with our Chairperson, Ms. Derillo, to support us to make this project be successful. And I am proud to say that it was successfully undertaken by the two of us and with the help of the Chairperson. We educated them about the POPULATION DEVELOPMENT through the knowledge we acquired from MULAT PINOY WORKSHOP and also our adviser during our discussion. But we were also educated and taught by our audience as well as they shared their experiences while the discussion was going on. It’s good to know that not only them who have taught and learned but also us through their concerns and queries.


Don’t be a Marginal Listener

It’s important that every time we listen to a speaker, we have to be very much concentrated to what we listen to. Being a marginal listener is not that as good as it is while we are in the midst of discussion. We should concentrate and focus our mind as well as our ears to absorb all the details we ought to know. An effective listener is one who listens attentively. It is not good that you are only using one ear and the other is for something you can’t concentrate with.


Avoid being an Evaluative Listener

I didn’t say that I’m perfect most of the time; I’m morally good through my actions and words: that I don’t even make any mistakes at all. But what I’m trying to imply is that even if it’s human nature that we became judgmental. Every time we are in a seminar or in session and there is someone speaking in front of us we tend to write all the errors and lapses of a speaker. Either the way of pronunciation of a word or committing of grammatical error. Focus on what is the real purpose of the discussion and compose yourself as one of the audience


Be an Active Listener

In order to listen effectively, it must require silence. So before you “listen”, be “silent” first. If you would try to shuffle the word and create another word from the word listen you would come up with the word “SILENT”. It’s amazing to think that these two words are inter connected to each other as it becomes very vital when you want to be educated. If we listen, we must be silent first and there will be no distraction to what we are listening to. How can you able to listen if you are not silent? So always be an ACTIVE LISTENER.

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