PopDev on the Go by Nelry Aducal

Hats-off and honored is what I felt towards the successful project in Palauig, Zambales. Through the help of our chairperson and ICES officials, this seminar was made possible. We never thought and expected that everyone would participate along the way of our talk just as like as we thought that this topic would be as boring since it talks about the undying dilemma of every country which is the population. We were so overwhelmed with the outcome of our seminar because everyone was participating, cooperating and sharing their knowledge regarding our topic in population development. They shared their different perspectives about their experiences and understanding to the questions we asked them. They said that experience is still the best teacher. Through this experience they were able to explain clearly the matter involving reproductive health bill and other concerns in PopDev. In the midst of our discussion, there was a bit tension while sharing their own opinions and feelings if they are highly against in implementation of the RH Bill. Glad that we were also taught by them and had a serious open forum and active group discussion. We never failed to teach and inform them about the current status, situation and development of the world in particular of our country. We got to know their family background, instinct to the government policy and intuition towards population increasing stage and possible outcome if ever this will rapidly multiply. This conversation leads us to enlighten our mind as well as to our emotional approach. The fact that our audience happened to be the mother to their own child is also a reason behind why this kind of subject life matter for them is so easy to discuss and explain. I would say that this seminar with them is such an amazing and worthwhile experience. The long travel we took was suddenly forgotten because of the warm welcome and inexplicable experience with them while educating ourselves to Population Development.

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