Day 1: Shedding light like lamps.

After the 4-day workshop conducted by Probe Media Foundation, Inc., we went back to our respective normal, boring lives. It was especially miserable for us to leave the nice hotel, the delectable food and the warm friends and acquaintances we have made over the last few days.

We had no choice but to go back to our busy, jam-packed and not-so-ordinary lives.

Going back to Adamson with everything we’ve learned at the Social Networth workshop, we had one thing in mind – We have the responsibility of dissimenating the information we have gathered from the workshop.

On our first day back at school after the workshop, we talked with the chairperson of the Communication department at school about our plans. This is what our project proposal initially contained:

  • Seminar on PopDev and Social Media
  • Debate/Forum on RH Bill
  • Production of PSA
  • Facebook Page (Sanctuaryo ni Juan)
  • Blog

While discussing with the Ms. Jen, our chair for the Communication department, she told us that since we are thriving in a Catholic institution, we cannot explicitly say that we are pro-RH. She gave us better ideas and better options to be able to communicate to our Comm-unity the point of our discussion here. And now, this is our plan for the coming weeks to come:

  • Seminar – “Mythbusters on Population Control”
  • Radio Show – “The More, The Merrier?”
  • Community Seminar in Cabuyao, Laguna on April 2012
  • Distrbution of flyers about PopDev

We are very much pleased with the plan. We are also very excited to implement the activities for the whole Adamson community, since we know that what we will impart to them would benefit not just us, but the whole population of the Philippines. We would like to be lamps for the youth of our Comm-unity, shedding light upon their unaware minds.

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  1. The SAMURAI says:

    Good job Jianne!

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