Contagious Excitement :-)

Yesterday, April 24, 2012, Nelry and I had a meeting with the chairperson of our Mass Communication department, and the university’s Integrated Community Extension Services (ICES).

The Institute for the Community Based-Day Care Teachers under the College of Education and Liberal Arts, Basic Education and ICES of Adamson University will conduct a Volunteer Community Based-Day Care Teachers Meeting, Workshop and Training on May 4, 5 and 6 at La Viola Beach Resort, Brgy. Liozon, Palauig, Zambales. There will be several professors to talk in the workshop and training. The aims of this activity are:

  1. To revisit the existing day-care program in light of the K-12 curriculum
  2. To realign the program with the K-12 curriculum
  3. To craft the appropriate training design for volunteer community based-day care teachers
  4. To conduct an English proficiency program through integration of the Language Arts curriculum

Fortunately, we were given a slot to talk to the teachers about PopDev. The professors think that since these teachers live in rural places (They are actually residents of Cabuyao, Laguna and were invited to Zambales), they have limited knowledge when it comes to PopDev and it would really benefit them to know about these things. They are teachers so they must be educated so they, too, in return, may educate the youth about PopDev.

Nelry and I became very excited upon learning this. The excitement is contagious and we are looking forward to talking to the teachers. :-)

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