Helpful websites

These are helpful websites that would definitely help everyone in understanding PopDev:

Philippine Center for Population and Development

“The PCPD believes that development can only be sustainable if a proper balanceis maintained between the country’s population and resources.”

Mulat Pinoy: PopDev Para sa Kabataan

“Popdev is concerned with many things: not just population growth or density, but also with the environment, food supply, housing, even gender and religion. Everything you do affects everyone else. How can you positively affect other Filipinos? What’s your story?”

Philippine Legislators’ Committee on Population and Development Foundation, Inc.

“Committed to working with and among legislative bodies from the national down to the local level, PLCPD primarily works within the halls of Congress, devoted to developing policy champions and generating viable, responsive, and people-centered public policies on population and human development.”

Sex and Sensibilities

“Sex and Sensibilities, as its name implies, is a balance of sex and responsible choice. It is a site that hopes to be your trusted haven to get practical information about sex; a private place where your questions about sexuality will be answered with compassion, intelligence, and most importantly, always with honesty and respect for your choice.”

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