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Environment: Here we stand, Here is where it all began.

Published on April 30, 2012 by in environment

A lot of things can happen and it may be good or it could be bad. In the case of population and development, it all boils down to the environment. You see, people might stop to ask, how can the environment play such a crucial part in a world full of advancement, technology and economy, when it only produces what is natural. Well, after much thought and contemplation, maybe, it is what the people need. We all get too caught up with the technological advancement or something that is new in this world that we somehow forgot what we have and how it all began. All of it started in the environment and all of it ends in the environment. A raising question, how is it that in the past, we managed to enjoy our sources without having to compromise what we have? Fear of over population, scarcity of sources, losing of raw materials, global warming. A lot of problems rise up because our minds began to develop a new way of thinking that what is advance is always good, but maybe, not always.

I, for one, am a student who craves for what technology could offer me. New gadgets and gizmos, stuff that could make my life a lot easier and so, I get too caught up in that thought that I throw away the wrapper of junk without thinking about the repercussions of my action. The wrapper then becomes an environmental waste. People get to caught up on what’s next or what the future beholds that we forget what we have now. This is where the environment comes in. It is the only thing in this world that brings forth what is natural. Something that is not man made, it is what the world has to offer. A life sustenance. And because it offers us what we solely need, in return, we must learn to nurture it. Everything worked out well before, how hard can it be to achieve it again? Sure, it could be a lot of work but still it is attainable. 

The Environment is where we find the source and the solution to our problems. It provides our resources, land mass areas, natural habitats, life sustenance, raw materials needed for industrialism… take those away and what are we? A dead planet. We would cease to exist.

So, maybe there isn’t always the next game plan. There could be a recharging state. Just like a battery, it needs to recharge first so it can be used at its optimum capacity to provide the energy that is needed from it. Let us wait for the time it regains all of it’s power to create a better outcome. Let our environment heal, we could contribute by lessening the garbage or other wastes that are man made. In fact, isn’t that what we, humans, are supposed to do? We take care of the environment, the same way that the environment provides us with our everyday needs.


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