Thoughts can be dangerous given the chance and ideas could be too but if you use it at the right moment, it can be a very powerful tool. 

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The Beginning

Published on March 1, 2012 by in Uncategorized

Labyrinth is a blog made by two college students named, Chelley Cariño and Kenneth Mangaya-Ay, who aims to create a difference in the context of  Population and Development through the use of New Media aka Social Media. It is a medium wherein the use of the technological network is utilized in disseminating information to the people.

Photo Credit: Patricia Angelu Meneses

Everything started after I  entered a competition by hosted by Mulat Pinoy. It was entitled “We Are Right Here, We Are RH.” I submitted a music video containing my thoughts about RH Bill and how college students perceive it to be. I managed to get to the top 10, however, I was not able to get on the top 3 positions but still it was an addition to my experience as a media practitioner. Moving on to what lead us here, we applied to a Social Networth Workshop (a workshop that would help harness the better usage of social networking in hopes of sharing useful and enlightening information to other users in relation to the country’s population and development sector) hosted by the same company. Luckily, we got in and all has changed since then…

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