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Students help implement waste segregation in Matina public market

Published on April 21, 2012 by in environment

Twenty-five Criminal Justice students from theUniversity ofMindanao (UM) recently assisted Matina, one of the adopted sites of the university, in its waste segregation campaign in the public market. The police cadets, based in nearbyDavaoCity, helped in information dissemination on April 13 and 14, distributing flyers on what and how to segregate and urging stall owners to use the right containers for biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste.


Atty. Joseph Dominic S. Felizarta, C.E., City Environment and Natural Resources Officer (CENRO), said the students were undergoing an internship program at the San Pedro police station. He thought it would create quite an impact and demonstrate the town’s seriousness in implementing its waste management program if the young cadets were involved in the campaign.

Felizarta broached his idea to the police station commander who responded positively and sent the interns to the public market. After a brief orientation on what to do and say, the students went around to explain waste segregation.

“The students were a big help in getting the stall owners and vendors to appreciate the importance of waste segregation,” said Atty. Felizarta, “Usually, people get a little uneasy when they see men and women in uniform, fearing that they might be apprehended for doing something that’s against the law. But the students were there not to issue citations but to remind the vendors of their duty to help in waste management. The approach was well received by the vendors. We intend to continue this collaboration with our police force.”

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