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DC PRESERVE: A Davao City Natural Resources Preservation Project

Published on April 1, 2012 by in environment


The Population and Development is concerned with a lot of issues in the country but this project’s main focus is the ENVIRONMENT. As Davaoeños, Kenneth and I aim to magnify the resources that our city is rich in. Including the fact that Davao City is one of the biggest cities in the world and also one of the most livable cities in Asia, we hope to bring awareness to the rest of the Davaoeños that it is our duty to keep track and be watchful of our surroundings.

Our main focus is the Solid Waste Segregation System. Our city is one of the cleanest cities in our country. However, despite the perfections, there will always be factors that could rain in Davao’s glory. In Davao when it rains, it rains hard and our number one enemy is the sudden floods or more commonly known as flash floods. It has happened in various places of the cities and sad to say that not only does the water rise but also the damaged houses, missing person reports, and death counts. The drainage system in the city is not that strongly improved and not able to withstand huge amounts of coursing water. Add massive amounts of garbage and we get the waters rising. That issue, we would like to obliterate for the betterment of our society.

One might stop to think that Population and Development is only about the count of the population and how it affects the economy but we would like to cease that train of thought. The environment is a huge factor that the people must take into account when it comes to Population and Development. Without the environment sector, there would be no population and no development. The population relies on the natural resources that is brought about by the environment, also, the country’s development relies on what their environment can offer for trade and raw materials. And so, we have brought the driving force of awareness that would bring our fellow Davaeoños to the mindset of preserving what is ours and nurture it for development.

This blog is a call to awareness to all Davaoeños and we wish to start it with the Umians from the University of Mindanao. We are just college students but we aim to lend a hand in whichever way we can. May it be dissemination of information, or merely documentation of an environmental event. As long as we uphold the rights of Mother Nature in a city as beautiful as hours and to distinctly prove that “Davao: Life is Here,” indeed.

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