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Trash to Treasure

Published on March 11, 2012 by in Uncategorized


In Davao City alone, an average of 500 tons of garbage is collected every day. Solid waste management approach of the Davao City government aims to set up a material cycle society with the concept of a life-cycle economy wherein consumption of natural resources is minimized and the environmental load is reduced as much as possible. It calls for an increase in the ratio of recycled materials, promote the reuse of waste as raw material, and overall reduce energy consumtion.


Plastic and styro contributes a large percentage of wastes collected every day. Since plastic was invented, it becomes a part of our daily existence. Improper disposal of it can degradation of the environment. Moreover, production of plastics consumes coal, oil, and natural gas thus producing greenhouse gases and toxic fumes, which can cause climate change.


In this regard, Chelley and I are planning to make a simple action to address this problem. We want to start at our very own school, we are planning a huge campaign and we will start it on March 17, 2012 tegether with the Mutya ng UM 2011 in the implementation of her Environmental Project entitled “Trash to Treasure”. On that day, students will sell recyclable materials such as old newspapers, styro, bottles, plastics, and others to the selected scrap buyers stationed at the gymnasium. Of the total amount earned by the student, 50% of it shall be donated to the chosen beneficiary- the Munting Paaralan in Matina Pangi, one of the adopted schools of UM.


Looking forward to more projects! J

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