Thoughts can be dangerous given the chance and ideas could be too but if you use it at the right moment, it can be a very powerful tool. 

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We chose the word Labyrinth because it is a word with so many meanings and derivations that goes according to how the user perceives it to be. To some, it could just be a maze with a never ending twists and turns or it could also be a puzzle waiting to be solved, or a term coming from the Greek terminologies and perhaps think of how Percy Jackson was able to conquer it (Don’t know Percy? Try reading the book. Google it. If not, you can just skip that context ^_^).

It can bear meaning to anything or anyone but for us, we have chosen it for its complexity and  mystery. A few would say that the person who thought of this must be a die hard fan of the Greek Mythology and for those who thought of it that way, then congrats, you have figured out one of my geeky pleasures in life but I would like to redirect you to how I perceive the word “Labyrinth” to be.

Labyrinth was thoroughly introduced to me when I started reading the Percy Jackson Series. It was told there at first that it was a maze that no mortal could conjure and it could even be deadly to a few immortals but their thoughts of it changed when they figured out a way to make it useful. They discovered that in the right usage and passage they could defy time and space to get there with the use of the Labyrinth. Now, think of the Labyrinth as of the human mind. Thoughts can be dangerous given the chance and ideas could be too but if you use it at the right moment, it can be a very powerful tool.  Ideas that flow without cease and having full control over it is like holding the power of knowledge at the palm of your hand, only it is embedded into your brain which makes it more of use. The same thing goes to the use of internet and social networking. It is as powerful as a dictator standing in his pedestal and ordering people what and what not to do, only it is no act of tyranny because everyone has the freedom to use it at their will. This here is a crucial point, the dissemination of information but at the right utilization, it can create messages that could be spread overnight  all over the world. It can make and break good things but it could also be the a root to a wrong doing.

Suffice to say,  our thoughts and actions are placed in an unending Labyrinth of life and we all seek to master it at its full potential and hope it does best for me, you, the people and the environment.

We aim to understand the pattern of our minds and how we can make it flow effectively to the others, that’s why we call this The Labyrinth.

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