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Learning (About the Blog)

This blog is a product of two freezing brains. Also, it’s a product of the four-day workshop with Mulat Pinoy and Probe Media Foundation, Inc. This blog’s journeyed with friends met during the seminar and experts in the field of social media and communication.

The seminar that was mentioned was the Social Networth Workshop on Social Media and Pop Dev held last 24-26 at Astoria Plaza, Pasig City. The seminar was filled with substantial discussions on population development, the different dimensions of population development, and the new media tools.

Ending the four-day confab was extra significant because of the blogs that the participants have to bring with them and develop as their mission to help answer the striking issues on population and development through the use of the ubiquitous social media. Because the participants were taught that above all, social media has to help make the world a better place, we thought of using social media as a tool to reach out to our fellow youth. Because we learned that we cannot easily combat population explosion, we thought of helping people develop themselves as employed/productive individuals. Because we thought the web has the power to make great things happen, we want to start out this blog.


So here’s it now.

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