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More Business = More Job

Presidential Spokesman Lacierda says
there are more employment opportunities now

by Epi Ma. Kassandra Dajao

A taller building is replacing the once wide green plantation owned by an old baron and his heirs and heiresses. According to overly curious passersby, the parcel of land was sold and anytime within this year a new Call Center is opening; the hired agents are the residents of that new ritzy building in the middle of nowhere. It sounds interesting.

The sprouting of tall buildings is not only thing that we should notice. There are also increasing numbers of small businesses around the city; some of which are owned by some hard working students.

Noticing these scenarios and listening to some economic predictions, optimism strikes like a spark of hope. When there are more business opportunities around, it means that employment is also just right there. Yes, it’s true.

Lacierda, on his visit in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental last April 18 shared that there are more opportunities for employment right now because of the increased in the number of companies and local business that had contributed to the increase in employment opportunities.

Unemployment rate dwindled from last year. Good news, isn’t it?

“We are looking for continued decline in employment.  Hopefully, the graduates in March will get jobs,” Lacierda said, adding that, they (government officials) are looking forward to a bullish economy and more employment opportunities.  He also shared that that the government must have Government Internship Program and that a summer job program for the new graduates is ongoing.

So here’s the equation:

More Business = More Jobs.

The more business there is in the locality and in the country, the more opportunities there is for people to either earn a living or to be employed.

So you know, what could the taller infrastructures can do to do the economy? It boosts it, gradually.

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