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Of Shirts and More

Jumpee Tipon’s hobby-turned-business

by Epi Ma. Kassandra A. Dajao 
Photo by: Judy Rose Sayson

While others were clawing their way up to the corporate ladder, she had a choice of running her own business and establishing distinct name through it. Though giving up careers in the events management and banking wasn’t easy for her years ago, she sensed that all those tricky decisions and calculated risks she had to take would yield her countless fruits. And they did, in a year or so.

Twenty-four-year-old Jumpee Tipon is a graduate of University of St. La Salle. In 2009, she finished her degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. She’s a CHEERLEADER way back in college. She’s seen flying in the air for the Artians Cheer Squad in her college days. In addition to her “dancing-flying” abilities, as a graphic artists and a layout editor she’s also one of those sneaky Zombies working night and day in the student publication. Undeniably, she’s one extraordinary student way back in college.

After finishing her college degree, she was hired to work in an event-organizing company. During those times, she and her brother were already starting their T-Shirt printing business though “unofficially”. She was about to quit her job for a bigger opportunity to work in a bank. Ergo the enticing opportunity, she found herself postponing her dream to work in a bank to heed her family’s request to manage their emerging business. She fully remembers the day when she had to utter the big N-O word to the bank employers but as she says, “No regrets at all”.

Jumpee’s Inkcreme Printshop, officially established in May 2010 is growing enormously than expected. Inkcreme caters to different clients – teens, organizations, schools, industries, telecommunication companies, and the likes. From colourful comfy shirts with customized graphic design print, Inkcreme has expanded to customized items like tumblers, cups, caps, key chains, pens, bags, and more. (Visit the shop in L.Hervias Building, Burgos Lopez Jaena Streets, Bacolod City if you want to see more of their unique items).

When asked about the hurdles that she has to face while doing business, Jumpee shrugs her shoulders and narrates about the struggles she has to face when she was starting the business. She says she and her brother were, at the start, unfamiliar of the materials, techniques and styles in printing but eventually they have mastered them through seminars and hands-on work. In fact, Jumpee who’s passionate about the business also had a diploma from University of the Philippines-Diliman Institute for Small Scale Industries. Aside from competence as a difficulty, she also mentioned about getting credible suppliers, visiting them in Manila and making sure they are in good faith.

In her almost two years of being an entrepreneur, Jumpee noted significant lessons worth sharing to other entrepreneurs like her. She says, “Never be afraid of trying new things and of learning,” stressing the importance of taking calculated risks, taking chances and recognizing even the smallest things that come for they may grow bigger in time. “Love what you do,” she exclaims. “..And never work for money alone but for yourself,” she adds. She suggests for people to find a hobby, learn to earn from it and the most important part of it is to be able to share it to people.


A young entrepreneur like Jumpee is worthy of emulation. We may not find our niche in the very competitive corporate world today. But we should be reminded that we can still create our own niche outside the corporate ladders. Like Jumpee, we may choose to listen to our family members and pursue a hobby-turned-business idea.  We may opt to listen to our child-like-crazy ideas and turn them into something… gold.