About Mulat Pinoy

Societal concerns like poverty, gender issues, environmental management and much more all rely heavily on how the population has developed up to the present day. Future concerns may come up or may be exacerbated based on the choices and plans we make today. Sexual and reproductive health and rights in the Philippines are under constant fire as well, with people unaware of how to best look after themselves and their loved ones.

We believe that it is long past time for us to become aware of the nuances of population and health, and the intricate networks of cause-effect scenarios relating to them. It is up to us, the present generation, to pave the way for a better, brighter future for our nation.

It is time to be aware. It is time to open our eyes. Mulat, Pinoy!

About the Project
The Mulat Pinoy youth awareness initiative is a project of the Probe Media Foundation, Inc., with support from the Philippine Center for Population and Development. It seeks to instruct the youth and young professionals about population and development, especially in terms of sexual and reproductive health and rights; education and employment; and environmental awareness.
What You Can Do
The world has over 7 billion people in it. Do you know what that means? How do you feel about it? Read about it and discuss it here, with our young reporters. Mulat Pinoy is committed to the open sharing of ideas for the betterment of Filipino youth and young professionals. Opinions from all sides are welcome, and page visitors are encouraged to discuss topics that may be relevant to the population and development awareness of young people. Population and development concerns include but are not limited to: sexual and reproductive health and rights; employment and education; and environmental awareness. Poverty, urban planning, citizenship and good governance also fall under this topic.
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