These are only a few of what I wonder about.

One is alone, two is a couple, three is a crowd, and four and more is a party. Well, that is a made up quote for something odd and amazing called family. Odd because things happening inside a home are only explainable by those who are in it, and people outside it can’t seem to understand what’s happening. Amazing because of all the things happening in between love and difference.

Well, as the middle child of a family of five, I sometimes get jealous of my siblings when they get stuff and I don’t. I wonder how my parents feel when they feel that one of their kids is jealous of the other. I mean, I wonder how they would sort it out with the jealous kid.

Well, that’s just one thing an adult would face, I guess, when they are already called parents. It’s a problem an adult could probably handle well, or not. But to think of it, it is hard when things get rough and the little problems kids produce would be a burden that would heavy the shoulders of those in charge at home.

I wonder how teenage parents handle things like these.

I don’t want to know by experience, though. But when curiosity gets in my system, I can’t help but wonder how teenage parents handle things like these. Will they sleep through it? Will they party and forget about the problems at home? Will they settle things down by asking other older people tips and all? Or will they be able to settle it at all?

I think, as to what I have seen inside my own home, problems are not limited to toys and kids getting jealous. There are more problems and responsibilities parents face. Knowing that they are the most responsible people inside a home, they would really think of things really hard at night, when they are sheltered in a blanket and maybe they pray that they can get through another day.

I’m sure they think of the money they would give their children before they go to school. Then after, they think what food to cook for breakfast. Then after breakfast comes the other harder to think of things. Tuition fees, better home, sex, new clothes for themselves and the kids, food for the coming weeks, bills, and everything else gets in to the mind of a parent… I guess.

I wonder how a teenage girl with a big baby bump would think of the future. I wonder how a teenage boy with an up coming baby thinks of the future. I wonder how beautiful the teenage girl and teenage boy’s baby could be, how it would grow up, what will he want to be in the future, what color would be his favorite… And I wonder if that kid would be a teenage boy or girl soon, with a baby.

Will that baby experience quality education? Will that baby grow up with a complete family? Will that baby be like his parents? Will that baby be successful? Will that baby be able to live at all?

These are only a few of what I wonder about.

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