The Rural Youth

I’m in a city now, and I can’t help but wonder what my family is doing back at my hometown. I wonder what my sister is doing in her boring days, in a rural setting. I have been there back and forth, during semestral breaks and special events, and I honestly loved and called it as a home. A lovely home with all my loved ones and with my lovely people.

With all my wondering, I came with my sister in one of her activities and I found that she was with the youth organization of the place. The organization centered God, and the meetings were held at the church. They love God, and sometimes I doubt if they really do because they use the meetings as excuse to meet and wander around town.

One morning, they gathered at the church, amidst the unbearable coldness, for a morning jog. They came in almost a hundred, all with enthusiasm to walk many kilometers and exercise. They didn’t feel any awkwardness, except for me who knew no one, because they all knew each other.

Here are the photos that I took when I joined them, but I never talked to strangers so I stuck with who I knew.

After the longest walk, aside from getting an asthma attack, I realized something. I realized that the youth in rural areas are more close than in an urban setting. They really get to bond, off from the computer screens and facebook, and go to places where they can have fun and enjoy their youth. Some of them live from very far places, but they see each other everyday and they gladly join town activities.

On a clearer note, what I want to say is that, instead of drinks and bars and online based happiness, they focus more on happiness with real interaction to real adventure worthy places.

Can we do that here, in the internet? No. Can we be real friends, and can we go on dates headed to real places to really bond with each other? Yes.

Then let’s log off from our laptops and PCs and find real friends in the real world.

Will it happen? To me, maybe. To you, yes or no?

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