“School Sucks”

I personally don’t understand the people who do not like going to school. Even I did not understand the essence of waking up early to go to class and walk endless stair cases in haste for me not to be late every morning. I hate the feeling, really. But when I realized that life would be useless if I did not value education, I have slowly opened my eyes to the realities around me.

As of 2007, according to a video I saw in YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWyleIk4Qkw), there are 13.5 Million children below 6 years old, which is 15% of our population… And 5 million of those children do not have access to pre school education. I can imagine those children walking around the streets without knowing the names of the colors they see. They might not even know how they should spell their names. The most basic things are the most essential in life, meaning that pre school education is the most basic foundation for the rest of their lives.

6 out of 1000 elementary graduates actually make it to high school, and according to the video, only 2% of the high school graduates are fit to enter college.

I am lucky to be in school. Thus, I have no right to say that school sucks.

I am aware of what is happening outside the gates of my university. I see teenagers lurking around, with the dirtiest clothes holding the filthiest pieces of garbage. I see children holding cups for the money they ask from the strangers. I see women carrying babies, breast feeding them while they are on the gutters sitting asking for alms. These are maybe the effects of not going to school.

See, I have made a chain reaction when you are not able to go to school. This maybe simple, but try to fit in the complicated things…

No education – No proper/decent work – No decent salary – No food – No shelter – No clothing – No decent lifestyle

You can fill that up.

See? There are a lot of effects when you don’t have decent education in your life. And honestly, I think this is a cycle. When you don’t have proper education, you won’t have a decent paying work, and when you don’t have a decent paying salary you won’t have money for food, for shelter, for clothing, you won’t provide the basic needs of a family, and you won’t have money for education of your children. And when your children won’t have proper education… History will repeat itself.

I think I’ve made my point.

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