As teenagers, our hormones are unstoppable.

When I hear or read the word population, I think about contraceptives and family planning. Also, the other things are… Sex, lust and love. But who cares? I mean, there are different other things people think about when they hear population.

To be honest, I have never been in to a talk with my parents about sex. And I haven’t listened much when sex education is discussed in our classrooms. I am, for me, the least knowledgeable person when it comes to sex and sexual education.

As an independent being, or so I think, I read blogs about sex, sexual education, and whatever there is connected to using condoms and pills.

I ended up at Anna Sotto’s blog,

Here’s what I read…

“It’s a normal process for teens [to want to know more about sex],” explains Dr. Dr Wei Siang Yu, a medical doctor from Monash University. “Their hormones are raging and they need to be informed about how to deal with these urges and understand the changes their bodies are going through.”

And in the most possible way, I agree. I have so many friends that are really in to sex, because they are curious and maybe because of peer pressure. As teenagers, our hormones are unstoppable. Even I can really say that we need sex education, we need to know why we are having these urges, changes, and whatever.

“One major downside of this initiative by DepEd is that children might someday indulge themselves in sexual activities and might even master it, successfully avoiding pregnancy.  Surely contraceptive methods will be introduced in their agenda, but looking into the emotional impact of failed relationships to our children.  These kids will surely have relationships at a young age.  However, due to their immature decisions, most of the time it can just lead to failed relationships.  Girls/women will always be at a losing end.

Therefore, my recommendation in this matter is to introduce sex education only to young girls; that, we should not only introduce the scientific part of sex education but also how to manage relationships without being taken advantage by men.”


So, I was having this shoot with my boss’s son, and in the location, I found these. Thus I felt the need to take a photo. The shoot was located in the farthest part of Davao, even I wouldn’t go there because the place is eerie and far and lonely. But I saw these, that’s why I wonder that these contraceptives wouldn’t fly there alone. Of course, someone had to bring it and use it there.

It’s odd and ugly to think that these people who used these items do not really care about hygiene. Having sex by the side of a lonely road with grasses all around, really? That’s why I agree when they said that sexual education should really be taught in high school, or even elementary. People, especially adults, should teach other adults and kids and teens the right way and the right place to have sex.

I don’t know if you agree, just leave your comments if you don’t.




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