K+12: A Stronger Foundation for the Next Generation

This coming school year 2012-2013, the K+12 Basic Education Program by the Department of Education will be implemented in all public schools nationwide, aiming for “a stronger foundation for the next generation” according to President Aquino who led the launch last April 24 at the Malacanang Palace. The new program requires kindergarten education, six years of elementary education, four years of junior high school, and another two years for senior high school. It is said that the new program seeks to elevate the quality of education in the Philippines, and thus will empower Filipinos to become more competent and be well-trained. Moreover, the said program enables high school graduates who don’t wish to continue college land in a decent job, and it would be easier for both high school and college graduates to get hired for work because of the adeptness they have acquired during their schooling.

I agree that this program is a step for us Filipinos to become highly proficient in whatever field we choose. It is also a move for us Filipinos not to be left behind by other countries who have adapted this educational advancement long ago. Having this new program, I think is more than enough to hone young minds and become professionals.

But, are we all ready for this big change?

Aside from the financial burden it would inflict to the parents, is our government prepared enough in imposing this new education system? Note that during the previous system, there were already various and never-ending problems such as the lack of classrooms, teachers, reading materials, and even chairs where students can sit and listen comfortably. It’s been an ordinary scene in public schools where a number of seventy students or more struggle inside the four corners of the room. Some share in a single seat and some even just sit on the floor or at the top of their lockers or near the platforms, and some two or more students share a single book. All of these occur even if the education concerns have the biggest share in the national budget over the years. Now that there are additional years added in the new program, could these problems be resolved especially in isolated areas where resources are barely delivered? Is our educators prepared enough to teach and adapt the new curriculum? I hope yes. Because how can we successfully attain “a stronger foundation for the next generation” if all we could provide are limited classrooms, reading materials, chairs, and even skilled educators.


Note: These photos were taken in a private school in our city. I think it reflects the different problems  of our country’s education today which all boils down to scarcity of everything.

Vim Amorio

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